Weekend Results 11th-12th June 2022

What a bumper weekend of hockey for the SPHC Mens teams with not one but two Derby games, it was great seeing everyone out and about across the weekend representing Suburbs on and off the turf (and a big thanks to those who volunteered their time to help roll the Cheese Rolls for this year)

Premier Men Intercity

The weekend started off with our Prem men taking on Varsity Landmark Homes, in a hard-fought battle.  The boys were down 2-0 after three quarters but the team kept their heads up and came roaring back into the game with 2 goals in less than 6 minutes, unfortunately Varsity scored a fourth in the 63rd minute with the final score 4 – 2. (SPHC Prem Men Goals: Jean-Luc Gofton x 2. Varsity Landmark Homes Goals: Matt Rees-Gibbs x 2, Cam Hayde x 2)


Mens Reserve 1

In the second of the derby games the SPHC Prem Dev Men faced off against the SPHC Saints, the Saints came roaring out of the blocks and after a scrappy first half lead 2-0 at the break.  The Prem Dev men managed to make some adjustments in the second half to better match the Saints and managed to square the game up 2-2, which was the fulltime score, both teams gave it their all and the draw was a fair reflection on the game.  On a side note it was great to have both Jean-Luc and Leon back on the turf for the Prem Devs. (SPHC Prem Dev Men Goals: Haydon Naish, Jean-Luc Gofton.  SPHC Saints Goals: Cameron Stevenson, Luke Graham)


Mens Reserve 2

The first derby game of the day was played out between the SPHC Reserve Men and the SPHC Pastits.  This matchup is always an entertaining fixture and both teams didn’t disappoint, the Reserve men drew first blood but it wasn’t long before the Pastits answered back. It was a seesaw battle with both teams leading at different points throughout the match at fulltime however the score was locked up at 4-4 to end in a fair draw.  With this game always played hard it is always a daunting prospect for those brave enough to umpire and big thanks to both Owen Pratt and Connor Jones for keeping us all on the straight and narrow (SPHC Reserve Men Goals: Connor Laybourne x 2, Ronnie Bird, Leon Teao. SPHC Pastits Goals: Chris Toombs x 2, Oliver Fulton, Bevan Muirhead)


Mens Reserve 3

The SPHC 3rd Div Men had a tough run against HOB Watts & Hughes, in what turned out to be a nail biter and against the best efforts of our boys they went down 2-1 to a fast finishing Old Boys. (unfortunately Hockio has not recorded the goal for SPHC 3rd div so we wont list goals for this game)

Club Fundraising Social

Annual Cheese Roll Fundraiser


Selling now! Boxes of 20 minimum (1 sandwich-sliced loaf) of hand-made, hand-rolled, hand-baked and absolutely sensationally delicious Cheese Rolls.
Just like the famed Otago cheese rolls, ours are made from the finest Waikato dairy foods and make the most perfect, read-to-reheat, snacks for winter.
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Please advise

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Allyson Gofton Named Hockey NZ Administrator of the Year

Allyson’s generosity, guidance, and support, are reflected in her community of Cambridge where she plays a big role in the community, local school, and Suburbs-Piako Hockey Club.

She tirelessly gives her time and attention to her club, going above and beyond her duty as secretary. Allyson helped organise a recent strategic planning exercise and persuaded national, regional, and association-based representatives to attend which provided valuable insight to her community.

Allyson is an integral part of the team at Suburbs-Piako, driving home some of their key messages about youth, youth leadership, and youth governance. She has also helped organise fundraising, finding new ways to empower the club and running events such as the infamous clubcheese roll where Allyson arranged sponsorship of the cheese and cream and helped the club raise $5000. She also plays a pivotal role in securing grants for her club.

Beyond this, Allyson spends a number of hours at the turf, following up on managers around uniforms and equipment, and where she can, helps out with managing some of the club’s teams, when others are unable to do so.

Allyson operates as a powerhouse amongst her club, and the local hockey community. She is never short of ideas centred around opportunities that enhance the health and well-being of club members, as a result, Suburbs-Piako club has grown in the last 2-3 years.

Her club committee has this to say about her:

“Allyson has taken on much of the work that other Clubs would ask different members of their committee to do. To this end, as a committee, we have recognised Allyson’s efforts and are now looking to allocate some of these tasks to others.

Her inquisitive nature and her drive to see things through the completion has really helped the club achieve some key tasks this year.

Allyson also volunteers for the school PTA on top of her cooking business and renovating her house. Her passion for hockey in general and for Suburbs-Piako Hockey club is unrivaled and I’m really not sure where the club would be without her efforts this year.”


Thank you Trillian Trust

A BIG thank you to Trillian Trust who have supported us again with our uniforms.

The latest batch proudly beat the Trillian Trust Logo on the left-hand side of both the men’s and women’s uniform.

Club Event Muster

2022 Muster & Trials

Come along to the 2022 Suburbs-Piako Hockey Club’s Muster & Trials. Just complete the Registration Form, then come along on the day We look forward to seeing you there.


1st Muster and Trials

Date: February Sunday 13th
Location: Gallagher Stadium (WHA)
Registration: 1pm-1.30pm
Club Meeting and Muster: 1.30pm – 4pm
BBQ after Muster

2nd Muster and Teams Selection

Date: February Saturday 19th
Location: Gallagher Stadium (WHA)
Time: 4pm-6pm

Muster & Trial Registration Form

See who is already registered

Event Finals

Suburbs Teams in Semi Finals

We are back playing hockey and it looks like a lot of Suburbs players were training during the COVID lockdown.  We have a number of our teams playing in Semi Finals this weekend Sunday 26th September 2021 down at Waikato Hockey Gallagher Stadium.  We also have 2 games where 4 Suburbs Men’s teams will be playing.  That’s right 2 suburbs teams in 2 grades playing each other for a spot in the finals.

Games on Sunday 26/09/2021

Men’s Prem Reserve 1 @ 1:35 p.m. on GHC Lodge 1

Suburbs Prem Dev Men’s vs Suburbs Saints

(Playing for a place in the top 2 for finals weekend)


Men’s Reserve 2 @ 4:40 p.m. on GHC 2

Suburbs Pastits vs Suburbs Reserve 2

(Semi Final 2 for a spot in the finals weekend)


Men’s Reserve 3 @ 12:10 p.m. on GHC Lodge 1

Suburbs Reserve 3 vs Fraser Tech

(Semi Final 1 for a spot in the finals weekend)

Women’s Prem Reserve 1 @ 3:00 p.m. on GHC Lodge 1

Suburbs Prem Dev Women’s vs TA Knight Logging

(Playing for 3rd or 4th)


Women’s Reserve 2 @ 12:25 p.m. on GHC 2

Suburbs Piako 3rd vs Fraser Tech Reserves

(Final game and finish 4th)

Event Social

Suburbs Club Bingo Night

Winter club night of good cheer and prizes.  Family and friends welcome. Bingo fun. Great prizes.  Prize for best dressed team (come in costume).

When: Saturday 31st July 2021

Where: Melville Football Club, Alison Street, Hamilton.

Time: Doors open 6.30 for a 7pm start

Food: Includes nibbles, and for adults curries and rice and dessert. (Kids it’s nachos with mince and cheese)

Club Bingo Night – Adult Ticket

Entitles 1 x Adult Entry to event.
$ 20

  • Includes Food
  • Bingo games
  • Cash bar

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Club Bingo Night – Child Ticket

Entitles 1 x Child Entry to event.
$ 10

  • Includes Food
  • Bingo games
  • Cash bar

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Club Bingo Night – Family Ticket

Entitles 2 x Adults, up to 3 Children Entry to event.
$ 50

  • Includes Food
  • Bingo games
  • Cash bar

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List of British bingo nicknames 1 – 15

Number Nickname Explanation
1 Kelly’s eye[3] The pun is military slang;[4] possibly a reference to Ned Kelly, from Ned Kelly’s helmet, the eye slot resembling the number 1.
2 One little duck. From the resemblance of the number 2 to a duck; see also “22”. Response is a single “quack.”
3 Cup of tea Rhymes with “three”.
4 Knock at the door From the Nursery rhyme One, Two, Buckle my shoe; Three, Four, Knock at the door.
5 Man alive[3] Rhymes with “five”.
6 Half a dozen[5] A common phrase meaning six units (see “12” below).
Tom Mix Cockney rhyming slang for number 6[6]
7 Lucky [3] 7 is considered a lucky number in some cultures. ; see also “73”.
8 Garden gate[5] Rhymes with “eight”.
9 Brighton line[5][7] A reference to the British railway line running from London Victoria and London Bridge to Brighton.
Doctor’s orders Number 9 was a laxative pill given out by army doctors in WWII.
10 (Current Prime Minister of the United KingdomBoris’s den. The name refers to 10 Downing Street the home of the UK Prime Minister.
11 Legs eleven A reference to the shape of the number resembling a pair of legs, often chicken legs specifically.[8] The players often wolf whistle in response.
12 One dozen A reference to there being 12 units in one dozen.
13 Unlucky for some A reference to 13 being an unlucky number.
14 Valentine’s Day A reference to 14 February being St. Valentine’s Day.
15 Young and keen Rhymes with “fifteen”.

Weekend Results 26th-27th June 2021

Semi-final weekend for Round 2 of the season and a few Suburbs teams in amongst the top 4 in a few grades.

Premier Mens (Loss 2 – 1)

Date: 26/26/2021

Grade: Intercity Premier Mens

Teams: Pukekohe Indians vs Suburbs Piako HC

Result: Loss 2 – 1

Comments: A hard fought game which went down to the wire.  The team played very well with new Coach Aaron Barnsdall happy with the progress.  Some work to be done over the next month or two as the team look to finishing well at the end of the year.

Premier Reserve Mens (Win 2 – 0)

Date: 27/06/2021

Grade: Premier Reserve Mens (Reserve 1)

Teams: Suburbs Piako Prem Dev vs HOB Northcare Dental

Result: Win 2 – 0

Comments: The boys are back on track after their great first round.  All players now back on deck after the team suffered a few injurie’s.  A dominant performance against a deflated HOB team.

Reserve 2 Mens (Win 3 – 1)

Date: 27/06/2021

Grade: Reserve 2 Mens (Semi Final 2nd vs 3rd)

Teams: Suburbs Saints (Won) vs Suburbs Reserve 2

Result: Win 4 – 0

Comments: A game that was heading to a draw with 10 minutes to go and no score.  The Saints then rushed home with a flurry of great goals to win 4 – 0 in the last 10.  Great to see depth in our Reserve 2 teams.

Reserve 2 Mens (Loss 1 – 4)

Date: 27/06/2021

Grade: Reserve 2 Mens (Semi-final 1st vs 4th)

Teams: Suburbs Pastits vs University Prem Reserve

Result: Loss 1 – 4

Comments: Pastits were without their key player Bevan Muirhead so had to dig deep today.  Uni came out firing scoring 2 goals in the opening 10 minutes.  Half time it was 3 – 0 to Uni.  Second half was competitive with a 1 – 1 draw second half.  A loss for the Pastits sees the team with their 2nd loss of the season.  Hard luck old timers.

Reserve 3 Mens (Win 6 – 4)

Date: 27/06/2021

Grade: Reserve 3 Mens

Teams: Suburbs 3rd Div (Won) vs Fraser Tech

Result: Win 6 – 4

Comments: A great game which saw our new mens team firstly make the semi finals and then have a good win to put them in the final next week against HOB Penny’s Bookstore.  Look out Reserve 2 we could have another Suburbs team in that grade soon.  Imagine 4 Suburbs teams in a single grade.

Premier Reserve Womens (Win 3 – 0)

Date: 27/06/2021

Grade: Premier Reserve Womens (Reserve 1)

Teams: Suburbs Piako Prem Dev (Won) vs Marist

Result: Win 3 – 0

Comments: Yep it rained all right in the first half.  Marist were trying to get the game called off and a drawn result.  However both teams stuck it out in the rain only to see the turf dry out in the second half and Suburbs score 3 amazing goals.  The ladies have now won the second round with a game to spare.  Unbeaten this round well done ladies.

Reserve 2 Womens – BYE

Date: 27/06/2021

Grade: Reserve 2 Womens

Teams: BYE

Result: N/A

Comments: No Game


Weekend Results 29th-30th May 2021

What a weekend of hockey we had.  Some close games in the Women’s teams and the a couple of the Men’s teams.

Premier Mens (Loss 4 – 2)

Date: 29/05/2021

Grade: Intercity Premier Mens

Teams: University Storage King vs Suburbs Piako HC

Result: Loss 4 – 2

Comments: Suburbs dominated the first half with brilliant passing and running.  Going in to half time the score was 2 – 0 to Suburbs.  The second half University started coming back at Suburbs with an extra player up the middle.  A couple of lucky Penatly Corners saw Varsity even up the score and eventually University managed to put another 2 away for a hard fought game.

Premier Reserve Mens (Draw 2 – 2)

Date: 30/05/2021

Grade: Premier Reserve Mens (Reserve 1)

Teams: Collegians New World vs Suburbs Piako Prem Dev

Result: Draw 2 – 2

Comments: A close game that could have gone either way.  Both teams had chances to score the winning goal near the end but failed to.  A good draw in the end.

Reserve 2 Mens (Win 3 – 1)

Date: 30/05/2021

Grade: Reserve 2 Mens

Teams: Suburbs Saints vs TA Hamilton Radiology

Result: Win 3 – 1

Comments: A dominating performance from the new Suburbs team who are really starting to show some class.

Reserve 2 Mens (Win 3 – 6)

Date: 30/05/2021

Grade: Reserve 2 Mens

Teams: Suburbs Reserve 2 vs Suburbs Pastits (Won)

Result: Win 3 – 6

Comments: Pastits dominated the first 20 minutes scoring 3 goals.  They then went to sleep and Suburbs Reserve 2 came back to even up the score at half time.  The first 20 minutes of the second half continued the same with Suburbs Reserve 2 dominating until Pastits kicked into another gear and slotted 3 more for the win.  A well fought match showing the depth in Suburbs Mens hockey at the moment.

Reserve 3 Mens (Win 1 – 6))

Date: 30/05/2021

Grade: Reserve 3 Mens

Teams: HOB Watts & Hughes vs Suburbs 3rd Div

Result: Win 1 – 6

Comments: A domination of the best sort.  Suburbs 3rd Div Mens team are looking stronger every game.

Premier Reserve Womens (Win 0 – 1)

Date: 30/05/2021

Grade: Premier Reserve Womens (Reserve 1)

Teams: Linecrest Homes Old Girls vs Suburbs Piako Prem Dev

Result: Win 0 – 1

Comments: A close fought game right to the end before Nikki Kelman scores a devastating reverse tomahawk with 2 minutes to go.

Reserve 2 Womens (Loss 4 – 2)

Date: 30/05/2021

Grade: Reserve 2 Womens

Teams: Ngaruawahia vs Suburbs Piako 3rd

Result: Loss 4 – 2

Comments: The score does not reflect the how close the game was.

Club Reserve 3 Men

Suburbs v Suburbs

Reserve 3 Mens Grade has a number of our older players who have been in and around the club for over 20 years.  During the last week of April and the first week of May 2021 both our Reserve 3 Mens teams played each other.  The first game was for the end of the round position which saw Suburbs Pastits take take the win 5 – 1 against Suburbs Reserve 3.  The following week the 2 teams played each other again in the Semi-final for the 1st round.  Pastits also came away with the win 8 – 1.

It was mentioned that both teams enjoyed the games and playing against