Club Event Muster

2022 Muster & Trials

Come along to the 2022 Suburbs-Piako Hockey Club’s Muster & Trials. Just complete the Registration Form, then come along on the day We look forward to seeing you there.


1st Muster and Trials

Date: February Sunday 13th
Location: Gallagher Stadium (WHA)
Registration: 1pm-1.30pm
Club Meeting and Muster: 1.30pm – 4pm
BBQ after Muster

2nd Muster and Teams Selection

Date: February Saturday 19th
Location: Gallagher Stadium (WHA)
Time: 4pm-6pm

Muster & Trial Registration Form

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Event Finals

Suburbs Teams in Semi Finals

We are back playing hockey and it looks like a lot of Suburbs players were training during the COVID lockdown.  We have a number of our teams playing in Semi Finals this weekend Sunday 26th September 2021 down at Waikato Hockey Gallagher Stadium.  We also have 2 games where 4 Suburbs Men’s teams will be playing.  That’s right 2 suburbs teams in 2 grades playing each other for a spot in the finals.

Games on Sunday 26/09/2021

Men’s Prem Reserve 1 @ 1:35 p.m. on GHC Lodge 1

Suburbs Prem Dev Men’s vs Suburbs Saints

(Playing for a place in the top 2 for finals weekend)


Men’s Reserve 2 @ 4:40 p.m. on GHC 2

Suburbs Pastits vs Suburbs Reserve 2

(Semi Final 2 for a spot in the finals weekend)


Men’s Reserve 3 @ 12:10 p.m. on GHC Lodge 1

Suburbs Reserve 3 vs Fraser Tech

(Semi Final 1 for a spot in the finals weekend)

Women’s Prem Reserve 1 @ 3:00 p.m. on GHC Lodge 1

Suburbs Prem Dev Women’s vs TA Knight Logging

(Playing for 3rd or 4th)


Women’s Reserve 2 @ 12:25 p.m. on GHC 2

Suburbs Piako 3rd vs Fraser Tech Reserves

(Final game and finish 4th)

Event Social

Suburbs Club Bingo Night

Winter club night of good cheer and prizes.  Family and friends welcome. Bingo fun. Great prizes.  Prize for best dressed team (come in costume).

When: Saturday 31st July 2021

Where: Melville Football Club, Alison Street, Hamilton.

Time: Doors open 6.30 for a 7pm start

Food: Includes nibbles, and for adults curries and rice and dessert. (Kids it’s nachos with mince and cheese)

Club Bingo Night – Adult Ticket

Entitles 1 x Adult Entry to event.
$ 20

  • Includes Food
  • Bingo games
  • Cash bar

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Club Bingo Night – Child Ticket

Entitles 1 x Child Entry to event.
$ 10

  • Includes Food
  • Bingo games
  • Cash bar

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Club Bingo Night – Family Ticket

Entitles 2 x Adults, up to 3 Children Entry to event.
$ 50

  • Includes Food
  • Bingo games
  • Cash bar

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List of British bingo nicknames 1 – 15

Number Nickname Explanation
1 Kelly’s eye[3] The pun is military slang;[4] possibly a reference to Ned Kelly, from Ned Kelly’s helmet, the eye slot resembling the number 1.
2 One little duck. From the resemblance of the number 2 to a duck; see also “22”. Response is a single “quack.”
3 Cup of tea Rhymes with “three”.
4 Knock at the door From the Nursery rhyme One, Two, Buckle my shoe; Three, Four, Knock at the door.
5 Man alive[3] Rhymes with “five”.
6 Half a dozen[5] A common phrase meaning six units (see “12” below).
Tom Mix Cockney rhyming slang for number 6[6]
7 Lucky [3] 7 is considered a lucky number in some cultures. ; see also “73”.
8 Garden gate[5] Rhymes with “eight”.
9 Brighton line[5][7] A reference to the British railway line running from London Victoria and London Bridge to Brighton.
Doctor’s orders Number 9 was a laxative pill given out by army doctors in WWII.
10 (Current Prime Minister of the United KingdomBoris’s den. The name refers to 10 Downing Street the home of the UK Prime Minister.
11 Legs eleven A reference to the shape of the number resembling a pair of legs, often chicken legs specifically.[8] The players often wolf whistle in response.
12 One dozen A reference to there being 12 units in one dozen.
13 Unlucky for some A reference to 13 being an unlucky number.
14 Valentine’s Day A reference to 14 February being St. Valentine’s Day.
15 Young and keen Rhymes with “fifteen”.