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Suburbs Piako Hockey Club

We are a Hamilton based field hockey club, offering new and existing members the opportunity to play for teams which will challenge you, motivate you and make sure you have plenty of fun!

We are affiliated with the Waikato Hockey Association and home turf is at Gallagher Hockey Centre, Innes Common, Hamilton. Contact us now to find out more about joining our club.

Our Vision Statement:

“Suburbs Piako Hockey Club strives to create a positive environment which promotes club hockey as a fun and fulfilling recreational and competitive sport, by encouraging its members to always be honest and play fairly and without malice. The Club aims to contribute to hockey in a greater sense by being proactive in the community, in schools and in the workplace. Suburbs Piako Hockey Club recognises its members collectively are the Club and strives to ensure they can reach their full hockey playing potential by providing opportunities for development and improvement, to ensure retaining its members and growing the Club.”

Suburbs Piako Hockey Club is the greatest field hockey club on earth…and do you want to know why? Well, we are going to tell you anyway.

Because we have members who strive to be the best they can be and play hockey not only to win, but to enjoy themselves and feel good about the environment in which everyone plays. We also do win (quite alot), and we lose (in spectacular fashion) but we are always ready to play again whatever happens!

We win: even though we aren’t loaded with the latest rep level players, New Zealand Black Sticks, or any other latest and greatest hockey geniuses – but it doesn’t seem to matter – because we play as a team, and we go out to have fun! And we have the greatest defender in the whole world, Duncan! You have to get up pretty early in the morning to get past Duncan – even the other teams know it haha!

And when we lose: We lose in style – BIG TIME – it’s epic (and leaves most people wondering if they have just stepped out of the Tardis into a parallel universe). We cry like babies, but you’ll never see it – we cry on the inside. And then we go home and return to whatever it was we were doing before we lost that hockey game – crocheting doilies, listening to death metal wearing a pink tutu…as you do.

But seriously, we love hockey, we love playing the game and we love buying all those expensive sticks!