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The Ben Gilby-Todd Memorial Trust is a fully Registered Charitable Trust under New Zealand Law.

The Trust has a primary function of providing hockey scholarships to school children under the age of 18 who

  • Show exceptional skill in their sport and are chosen to represent their province;
  • Show a willingness to achieve academically;
  • Are not in a position to financially participate at representative level sport through financial hardship.

This Trust has been set up by the Gilby-Todd family in memory of their son who died tragically on 8th October 2009.
Ben was a major supporter, player and advocate for hockey and especially in the promotion of younger players.
He represented hockey at various levels both here and in the United Kingdom.

If you would like to apply for a hockey scholarship or find out if you are eligible, you can:

Visit The Ben Gilby-Todd Memorial Trust Website Ben Gilby-Todd Memorial Trust


Download the Ben Gilby-Todd Memorial Trust Scholarship Application Form

Help the Trust by becoming a regular contributor. Download our Pledge Form.