Premier Men's Coach

Chris Dowdle

Chris Dowdle, is our Club’s newest member. He’s a PE teacher at St. Peter’s School, Cambridge , coaching the schools 1st X1 boys as well as heading up the school’s new hockey academy

Hi, I’m Chris, but I’m known as Dowdle…because it’s my last name; very complex.

Hockey History

I started playing when I was 5 in Auckland for SLAM (St. Luke’s, Albion, Mangere) and then moved to HPHC (Howick-Pakuranga Hockey Club) where I stayed until a couple of years ago. Played for the premier men’s team for 13 years.

NHL: Auckland and Central

NZ U21’s Junior World Cup 30-man Trial

Auckland Age group Rep teams- U21’s, U18’s, U15’s and Hatch Cup

HPHC Premier Men’s Team and Captain

Q & A

Well, I’m reasonably new to the Club scene in Waikato, but I like the sense of community Suburbs has and the people involved

Building team culture where everyone buys into a common goal.

Fast paced and a close finish where no one is sure who will take the points.

Growing up I would have been Nathan Astle; I was massive cricket fan.

Pork Roast (now that would be the same answer as most of the Club aye!)

Premier Development Men's Coach

Luke Forbes

Luke’s is one of our longest-serving and most-respected Club members – here’s his story.
Hi I’m Luke and I’m known as Luka. Not sure why, but probably feels better to yell that at me when I
have stuffed up…. “LukAAAA!”

Hockey History

I’ve been playing since I was around 9, having played school hockey through Berkley Normal and
Hillcrest High (856 represent!). I joined Suburbs at 13 as my dad and my older brother were Club
members and I have never left. Played Waikato representative hockey through parts of my teens and
represented Waikato Men a few years back.

Q & A

The people are what makes the club and what makes the club great.

I like to be able to apply what I have learned from my many coaches over the years – both the good
and the bad ones. There’s always something to learn, even if it’s not what to do. It is rewarding to be
in a position to help people grow as players on the field, and to foster a culture that allows them to
grow as people off it as well.

Being in “the zone” as a team and having fun as a product of performing to our best. Producing a
collective effort that is greater than the sum of our individual parts.

Growing up it was Chris Cairns and Stacey Jones. Both World class in teams of underdogs.

Fried Chicken and BBQ Corn

Favourite Movie – Heat – Just a perfect movie.

Premier Development Women's Co-Coach

Ethan Hohneck

Ethan joined Suburbs in 2019 after having 5 years away from Hockey.  He runs is own IT Company and administers our website.

Ethan is on our SPHC Committee, the Waikato Hockey Association Board, NZ Maori Hockey Kaunihera, and recently the NZ Heritage Hockey Committee.

I am a keen musician and father of two amazing young girls.

Hockey History

My introduction to hockey was when I was 15 at school.  I was a keen soccer player however had a series of injuries so decided to swap to Hockey.  Ironically I have had way worse injuries playing hockey since that transition.

Rotorua Boys High School First XI 1990 – 1993
Bay of Plenty U18 & U21 1992 – 1993
Waikato University Hockey Club Reserve 1 1995-1996
Te Awamutu Hockey Club Reserve 1 1997 – 1998
Waikato-Maniapoto Mens Team 1998 – Present (NZ Maori Hockey Champions 1st Equal 2012)
Fraser Tech Hockey Club Premier Mens 1999
NZ Maori Mens 1999 – 2001 (Defeated Singapore 3 – 0 series 2000)
Roskill Eden Hockey Club Premier Mens 2000 – 2004 (Auckland Champions 2004)
Auckland Mens Hockey 2004
University of Western Australia Premier Dev 2006-2008 (WA Champions 2008)
Roskill Eden Hockey Club Reserve 1 2010 – 2012
Suburbs Hockey Club Pastits 2019 – Present
Waikato Masters 35s, 40s, 45s 2019 – Present

Q & A

I have jumped around the Waikato Hockey Clubs over 20 years on and off.  I have fond memories of past clubs but am loving the atmosphere at Suburbs.  This could be my last hockey club ever.

From many years of hockey playing over my life I have always enjoyed passing on what I have learned.  Seeing people reach their potential and seeing the outcome makes me happy.

A great game to me is where an underdog, who is written off before the game even starts, overcomes the “Better Team” and walks away the victor.

Tiger Woods, when I was younger I wanted to be as good as Tiger Woods at golf.  I didn’t quite get there, but still enjoy golf and watching Tiger play.

Michael Jordan, simply the greatest athlete and Bball player.  G.O.A.T.


Dixie Chicken from Lone Star

Pork Roast with apple sauce (home made of course)

Megan’s American Hot Dogs


I like a large range of music from Pearl Jam, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Crowded House, Elvis, Six60, Maroon 5, Eminem, Dire Straits, Daft Punk, KOL, Avicii, Coldplay, Queen, Ed Sheeran, Audioslave, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Oasis, Foo Fighters, to GNR.

Greatest movies for me are Ace Ventura, Love Actually, Austin Powers, James Bond, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Pulp Fiction, Forest Gump, and finally Shawshank Redemption.

TV Series would be The Punisher, Sons of Anarchy, The Mayans, El Chapo, Narcos, Ozark, Altered Carbon, Cobra Kai

Premier Development Women's Co-Coach

Lyndon Cooper

Lyndon has been playing for Suburbs for years and now his kids are following in his footsteps.

Hockey History

I’ve been playing since I can remember.

Q & A

The people, the players, the good times.

Being able to pass on my hockey knowledge and experience to willing young players.

Ivan Mauger Speedway Racer and inductee of the NZ Speedway Hall of Fame.

Fresh snapper straight out of the ocean and caught on the end of my rod n reel.

Reserve 1 Saint's Men's Co-Coach

Alan Prestage

Alan’s love of hockey has survived 45 plus years and his skills and passion are much wanted by the mighty Saint’s men’s team.

I’m Alan and I’m often called L&P…because… I like to let people think about it (Al-an P).

Hockey History

Started playing hockey 45 years ago. Played in South Africa, retired at 30. Started again 10 years later in Tauranga playing Masters. Then I came over to Waikato and joined SPHC where I have been now for 2 years.

Q & A

The people at Suburbs want to enjoy their hockey; we have fun.

I’m a ‘tinsy’ bit selfish as I only coach teams I’m involved in, so I always get selected.

Big flowing movements, using the full pitch – and watching people with amazing skills.

Nigel Owens. He has a great ability to let a game become a spectacle.

Truman’s (Ping’s actually) muesli bars.

The Grateful Dead – I used their legendary concerts and fans as a metaphor for a tournament motivation speech. Oh, and their music is good too.

Reserve 1 Saint's Men's Co-Coach

Truman Wee

In his time at Suburbs Piako Truman has been a player, coach of the men’s prem team, committee member and Club President. He’s now the Chairman of the WHA Board so there’s not much Truman does not know about hockey in Waikato. (His wife Ping, makes the best ever muesli bars)

Hi I’m Truman and most often I’m called ‘Tru’ – probably because it’ one syllable.

Hockey History

I started playing at the age of 6 in Malaysia, playing at primary and secondary schools. I also represented my university when I studied in Singapore before leaving for NZ.

I was one of the founding members of the Pastits team when it was formed in 1994. I have represented the Waikato Masters team since 2003 and more recently I appeared as a guest player for the Tauranga Over 55s Masters team. We won the national title in 2020.

Internationally, I represented NZ at the Masters World Cup at Rotterdam, Netherlands in 2014. In 2019, I played in the Trans-Tasman Challenge Series against Australia at Commonwealth Games venue at the Gold Coast.

Q & A

I “joined” SPHC by default when the Pastits team, which was previously a stand-alone and independent team, became a team within the SPHC. I have stayed on with SPHC because of my friends, their family members, its culture, and underdog label.

I have previously coached the SPHC’s Premier Men’s Team from 2009 to 2011. I was also the coach mentor for many years. In 2021, together with Alan Prestage, I became coach and manager of the Saints team.

I love sports and I’ve had many sporting heroes over the years. I admire the likes of Pele, Ric Charlesworth, Roger Federer, and Jamie Dwyer, for their legacy to their respective sports and their ability to perform consistently at the top level during their careers.
Closer to home, my sporting hero is our own Alan Isaac ( Suburbs Piako’s oldest player- in his 70s). I want to continue to play hockey at his age.

My favourite meal is a famous Malaysian/Singaporean meal known as “Hainanese Chicken Rice”. It is essentially rice cooked with chicken stock, with poached chicken meat dipped with garlic chilli sauce, ginger sauce, and sweet soy sauce, served with sliced cucumber.

My all-time favourite movie has got to be “Shawshank Redemption”. This movie resonates with me because it highlights the enduring determination of a human being, the importance of hope and the wonderful bond between good friends.

Reserve 2 Women's Co-Coach

Jarrod Thorne

Jarrod is reasonably new to the Suburbs crew and has become and enthusiastic member of the SPHC managing team picking up the role of the Club’s men’s captain, committee member, player and coach.

Hi I’m Jarrod and I don’t have a nick-name, but always open to one.

Hockey History

Started playing hockey as a school kid in Auckland at Green Meadows Intermediate school and then then Manurewa High School.

Q & A

The fantastic group of people that create the core of the club, the support while playing and coaching of myself and my family.

Watching players develop and grow into the sport. In particular I like it when really green players who maybe picking up a stick for the first time, or after playing 6-a-side, join the side and learn new skills, make new friends, gain from the experience of our older players and become part of a well-oiled and well-bonded team.

Close, evenly-matched play that’s free running and results in a flowing game.

I have a few as I am passionate about a few different sports, but watching what the women’s black sticks accomplished at the Olympics was fantastic.

Venison (fresh from the bush), Scallops I have dived for myself, or a good pasta.

Top Gun, Die Hard (best Christmas movie of all time)

My favourite band of 2021 is Highly Suspect.

Reserve 2 Women's Co-Coach

Owen Pratt

Owen loves to encourage the younger generation into playing a sport that he has loved for years.

Hockey History

Owen started playing hockey at intermediate school and continued through to Te Awamutu High school in the U15 teams and then Fraser High school playing in the 1st XI.

Owen then had a break from hockey after school and came back to play for Suburbs in 2009. He has been with the club ever since.  Owen has chaired the Suburbs Committee and coached and managed number of teams at Suburbs. 

Q & A

Such an inclusive club where anyone can come along and play.

Watching the players come through and seeing their skills develop throughout the season.

Getting the enjoyment from the game no matter who wins or loses.

Kevin Mealamu because when I worked in Palmers Garden Centre Mangere Kevin was one of my staff members. It was great to see where his origins were and where he ended up being a great All Black.

Venison Steak that I caught from deep in the bush

Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall