Weekend Results 29th-30th May 2021

What a weekend of hockey we had.  Some close games in the Women’s teams and the a couple of the Men’s teams.

Premier Mens (Loss 4 – 2)

Date: 29/05/2021

Grade: Intercity Premier Mens

Teams: University Storage King vs Suburbs Piako HC

Result: Loss 4 – 2

Comments: Suburbs dominated the first half with brilliant passing and running.  Going in to half time the score was 2 – 0 to Suburbs.  The second half University started coming back at Suburbs with an extra player up the middle.  A couple of lucky Penatly Corners saw Varsity even up the score and eventually University managed to put another 2 away for a hard fought game.

Premier Reserve Mens (Draw 2 – 2)

Date: 30/05/2021

Grade: Premier Reserve Mens (Reserve 1)

Teams: Collegians New World vs Suburbs Piako Prem Dev

Result: Draw 2 – 2

Comments: A close game that could have gone either way.  Both teams had chances to score the winning goal near the end but failed to.  A good draw in the end.

Reserve 2 Mens (Win 3 – 1)

Date: 30/05/2021

Grade: Reserve 2 Mens

Teams: Suburbs Saints vs TA Hamilton Radiology

Result: Win 3 – 1

Comments: A dominating performance from the new Suburbs team who are really starting to show some class.

Reserve 2 Mens (Win 3 – 6)

Date: 30/05/2021

Grade: Reserve 2 Mens

Teams: Suburbs Reserve 2 vs Suburbs Pastits (Won)

Result: Win 3 – 6

Comments: Pastits dominated the first 20 minutes scoring 3 goals.  They then went to sleep and Suburbs Reserve 2 came back to even up the score at half time.  The first 20 minutes of the second half continued the same with Suburbs Reserve 2 dominating until Pastits kicked into another gear and slotted 3 more for the win.  A well fought match showing the depth in Suburbs Mens hockey at the moment.

Reserve 3 Mens (Win 1 – 6))

Date: 30/05/2021

Grade: Reserve 3 Mens

Teams: HOB Watts & Hughes vs Suburbs 3rd Div

Result: Win 1 – 6

Comments: A domination of the best sort.  Suburbs 3rd Div Mens team are looking stronger every game.

Premier Reserve Womens (Win 0 – 1)

Date: 30/05/2021

Grade: Premier Reserve Womens (Reserve 1)

Teams: Linecrest Homes Old Girls vs Suburbs Piako Prem Dev

Result: Win 0 – 1

Comments: A close fought game right to the end before Nikki Kelman scores a devastating reverse tomahawk with 2 minutes to go.

Reserve 2 Womens (Loss 4 – 2)

Date: 30/05/2021

Grade: Reserve 2 Womens

Teams: Ngaruawahia vs Suburbs Piako 3rd

Result: Loss 4 – 2

Comments: The score does not reflect the how close the game was.